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Therm-O-Beads FAQ2020-05-26T12:28:54-04:00
Therm-O-Beads Hot and Cold Compresses
What are the key benefits to using the Therm-O-Beads™ compress?2018-11-07T09:12:53-05:00

The Therm-O-Beads™ compress offers 20 minutes of highly effective hot or cold therapy. Whether hot or cold, it easily conforms to the body and comes in a full range of shapes and sizes that are compact, portable and cost efficient.

What is Temp-Tek™?2018-04-02T16:25:35-04:00

Temp-Tek™ innovation provides 2 temperature zones for your Therm-O-Beads™ compress: A fabric side for moderate temperature and a clear side for maximum temperature.

How long does the Therm-O-Beads™ compress stay hot or cold?2018-04-02T09:21:23-04:00

The Therm-O-Beads™ compress offers 20 minutes of highly effective hot or cold therapy. Please consult with a healthcare professional for additional questions regarding amount of time and extended usage.

What is Therm-O-Beads™?2018-04-02T10:23:19-04:00

Therm-O-Beads™ is a compact and reusable hot / cold compress for muscle aches, pains, and sprains.

What should I do if I keep using my Therm-O-Beads™ compress but the pain won’t go away?2018-04-02T10:25:55-04:00

Please consult with your healthcare professional for prolonged or extreme pain.

Are Therm-O-Beads™ compresses reusable?2018-04-02T16:28:01-04:00

Therm-O-Beads™ are reusable. Keep your compress away from sharp objects and never sit, lie, or place heavy objects on it. Overheating may damage or destroy your Therm-O-Beads™ compress.

Do I have to freeze my Therm-O-Beads™ compresses for 2 hours?2018-04-02T10:34:51-04:00

It is recommended to freeze your Therm-O-Beads™ compress in a freezer bag for at least 2 hours. You can leave your compress in the freezer indefinitely.

How long should I heat my Therm-O-Beads™ compress in the microwave?2018-04-02T16:17:15-04:00

For heat therapy, microwave your Therm-O-Beads™ compress as suggested within the product instructions found on-pack.

Can I take my Therm-O-Beads™ directly from the freezer and heat in the microwave?2018-04-02T14:42:46-04:00

It is recommended to thaw out your Therm-O-Beads™ and microwave your compress once it is at room temperature. Be very careful not to overheat it. ALWAYS test the temperature prior to application, as overheating may cause burns. Overheating may also damage or destroy your pack.

What happens if I heat my Therm-O-Beads™ for too long?2018-04-02T16:32:31-04:00

Overheating or prolonged use may cause injury, including burns. Heating beyond the suggested time may also damage or destroy your Therm-O-Beads™ compress. If you accidentally heat your compress beyond the recommended time and see it inflating like a balloon, immediately turn off your microwave, wait for it to cool down, and then carefully check to ensure that the compress it still intact. If your pack has been overheated and shows any signs of deforming, dispose of your Therm-O-Beads™ compress immediately. Therm-O-Beads™ compresses may explode like a balloon if heated for an excessive amount of time

How should I store my Therm-O-Beads™ compress?2018-04-02T14:51:13-04:00

Therm-O-Beads™ may be stored on an airtight plastic bag, placed in a clean dry place or in a freezer bag in your freezer.

How do I clean my Therm-O-Beads™ compress?2018-04-02T14:58:52-04:00

To clean your Therm-O-Beads™ compress, use a mild soap and water and air dry before reusing.

Is it okay to use Therm-O-Beads™ on open wounds?2018-04-02T15:05:30-04:00

Therm-O-Beads™ should be placed on clean unbroken skin. Do not apply to sensitive/insensitive skin or open wounds.

When should I dispose of my Therm-O-Beads™ compress?2018-04-02T15:08:35-04:00

You should discard your compress if it is punctured, pierced, or leaking.

My Therm-O-Beads™ compress broke, how can I repair it?2018-04-02T15:13:42-04:00

It is not possible to repair it. Please discard your compress if it breaks or leaks.

Can I fall asleep with my Therm-O-Beads™ compress on?2018-04-02T15:19:39-04:00

It isn’t recommended to fall asleep with the Therm-O-Beads™ compress on. Please refer to the instructions in-pack regarding usage, cautions, as well as additional information.


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